Recent Exhibition


Presented by charity TCCSA, Alicia Chen curated ROCK THE SPOT event to bring together Jewish and Taiwanese sponsors for a day/evening of stimulating conversation with local and international talent in film and art. We hosted and shared the work of internationally renowned filmmakers, such as Sarah Chahley, Michael Flax, Te-Sheng Wei(魏德聖) and Hsin-Yin Sung(宋欣穎)!

Toronto's diversity and unity can be best demonstrated in arts and culture. Last fall, award winning directors from Taiwan and Toronto-based Jewish filmmakers came together to have a deep conversation about our identities, who we are, and how filmmakers influence social change. Accompanied by 7 local artists, Peter Chan, Shehrezade M. B., Lindsay Ogus, Dr. Peter Goldfarb, , Abbas Rizvi, Paco Beltrán, and Alicia Chen, with diverse backgrounds from Spain, Canada, Iran, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, their artwork acted as a mirror to our contemporary social environment.