Upcoming Exhibition


Our Youth in Taiwan feat. Stand up, Brian!

Our Youth in Taiwan is an event designed to evoke the nostalgia of our youth while inspiring us toward our futures. As a part of “Our Youth in Taiwan’s North America & Europe Tour”, this event brings together local artists, musicians, and filmmakers to share visionary Taiwanese perspectives with the West. The event’s headliners include award-winning Taiwanese film director, Fu Yue, renowned comedian of “The Night Night Show (博恩夜夜秀)”, Brian, and producer of “Taiwan Bar”, Hauer, whose profound and provocative art forms will be shared in an atmosphere of stimulating thought and conversation. With their combined reach exceeding the millions in Youtube viewers, each of our featured guests continues to fulfill their vision to educate and unite people within Taiwan and on the world stage. With incredible honesty and humour, they show us that through meaningful connection and communication, laughter and tears, we find each other, and ultimately, find ourselves. www.RockTheSpot.ca


Recent Exhibition


Presented by charity TCCSA, Alicia Chen curated ROCK THE SPOT event to bring together Jewish and Taiwanese sponsors for a day/evening of stimulating conversation with local and international talent in film and art. We hosted and shared the work of internationally renowned filmmakers, such as Sarah Chahley, Michael Flax, Te-Sheng Wei(魏德聖) and Hsin-Yin Sung(宋欣穎)!

Toronto's diversity and unity can be best demonstrated in arts and culture. Last fall, award winning directors from Taiwan and Toronto-based Jewish filmmakers came together to have a deep conversation about our identities, who we are, and how filmmakers influence social change. Accompanied by 7 local artists, Peter Chan, Shehrezade M. B., Lindsay Ogus, Dr. Peter Goldfarb, , Abbas Rizvi, Paco Beltrán, and Alicia Chen, with diverse backgrounds from Spain, Canada, Iran, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, their artwork acted as a mirror to our contemporary social environment. Read more here!