Alicia Chen undertakes portraiture painting and drawing in a wide range of styles. She finds inspiration in people’s stories and graciously collaborates with her clients to bring their vision to life on the canvas. Alicia’s specialty varies from realism to abstract expressionism. Her commissioned works range from bridal and holiday events to anniversaries and baby showers. With a focus on capturing the subtleties of people’s most precious moments, she is most moved by the tears of joy with which most of her finished works are received.

The commission process begins with a consultation, followed by a draft sketch. Alicia then presents the draft to her client and discusses their thoughts. New insights and feedback are incorporated into the final piece, which she refines until the client feels that their vision has been realized. She is passionate about collaborating with innovative companies and individuals seeking new ways of marrying art and design with product development. She has customized illustrations and designs for fashion-centric digital marketing campaigns, book covers, packaging, editorial and album covers, in the style of each company’s brand identity. To date, Alicia has never worked with a client who did not see measurable growth in their sales as a direct result of her work with them.